Lucha Libre London’s Pre-Xmas Spectacular

Pre-Xmas Spectacular

Lucha Libre London
The Mythical, Dangerous, Acrobatic
and Heroic World of Mexico’s Masked Men.

Featuring 16 of Mexico’s finest Luchadores including
El Hijo Del Santo & Blue Demon Jr.

December 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th
Doors @ 7pm with special Family Matinee at 2pm on Sunday December 7th

Without further ado ladies and gentleman… ready your eyes for they will pop, loosen your jaws for they will drop, get down on your knees and pray for it never to stop… Ladies and gentleman… we present LUUUUCHAAAA LIIIIBREEEE LONNNDDDON!!!!!

Lucha Libre London

“A spectacle that’s more akin to a rock concert cranked to 11 than your standard British wrestling event. Viva Lucha Libre” Time Out

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Now more than ever. We need superheroes.

In its triumphant debut at the Roundhouse this summer Lucha Libre fought for the heart and soul of London – and won hands down. Now we’re back for the rematch – four days of spectacular high-flying, jaw-dropping, ring-grappling, mask-wearing Mexican entertainment that is guaranteed to rock your world this December.

It’s an early festive Luchadrome, featuring the legendary gladiator El Hijo del Santo, whose tecnico side includes the mighty but minimal Mascarita Sagrada as they face the evil side of the rudos, whose leader Blue Demon Jr. is joined by the lonesome and nasty Hijo del Solitario and El Lobo, the mini-troll from Jack Black’s Nacho Libre.

Lucha Libre London also brings back London’s favourite lip-locking, transvestite wrestler Cassandro and this time he’s bringing a new ‘exotico’ to the party – ‘La Chiquilla’ Ruby Gardenia – for double the cross-dressing action.

The luchadores line-up also includes: the sun god Solar, high flyers Mystyco de Juárez and Magno, the singing mariachi ‘Corazon de Barrio’, the prince of darkness Silver King, the giant Athor and the minis Octagoncito and Pequeño Pierrot.

The whole phantasmagorical spectacle is held together by MC Greg McLaren ‘El Caballero Ingles’ and DJ Toy Selectah of the Mexican super group Control Machete.

Is it wrestling? Is it theatre? Is it cabaret? Who knows? But it could definitely be the best early Christmas present ever.

The Luchadores:

  1. El Hijo del Santo
  2. Blue Demon Jr.
  3. Solar
  4. Cassandro
  5. Mystyco de Juárez
  6. Silver King
  7. Hijo del Solitario
  8. Magno
  9. Mascarita Sagrada
  10. Octagoncito
  11. Corazon de Barrio ‘El Aventurero’
  12. Ruby Gardenia
  13. El Lobo
  14. Pequeño Pierrot
  15. Athor
  16. Anibal Jr.


Prices for shows at 7pm on December 6, 7, 8, 9
£20 – £60. Ringside £75
Group discounts: 20% off for groups of 8 or more; 30% off for groups of 16 or more. Discounts available on all shows including matinee.

Family Matinee: 2pm on December 7.
£20 – £50. Ringside £60.

Matinee only: up to two children half price when accompanied by full paying adult.

Chalk Farm Road
0844 482 8008

What the media said about Lucha Libre London’s July visit:

“A costume drama for grapple fans.” The Independent
“Forget the bloated perma-mulleted world of WWE wrestling, with its over-hyped contests and staged soap opera theatrics. The most exciting form of the sport on the planet is from Mexico. Where else will you find fighting midgets, feuding transvestites and masked muscle men, all engaging in a ferocious mix of acrobatics and showmanship.” Arena
“The wrestlers – all genuine athletes with some impressively acrobatic moves – seemed to relish the opportunity of showcasing their skills to a new audience, and I for one hope they return to these shores again soon.” The Sun Online
“Muscle men with directional outfits. What could be better?” Gay Times
“It’s always wise to expect the unexpected from The Roundhouse, but this time they’ve surpassed themselves.” Ham & High
“It’s an astonishing feast of laughs and it’s sweeping the planet.” Daily Sport
“An incredible night.” Bizarre
“Pure masters of the Art.” Daily Star
“Ladies and gentlemen, senors and senoritas, the hour of masked phantoms, acrobatic heroics and lycra posturing is upon us! All hail the luchadores!” Camden New Journal

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