Released 6th July

Album launch Tuesday 30th June at Momo
25-27 Heddon St,

Alcazaba represent a credible and organic fusion of the musics of the Middle East and India with Flamenco. And after 4 years together as a band they are releasing their debut, eponymously titled CD. The 9 songs that make up the Alcazaba CD are all striking originals and written by various band members.

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Alcazaba (Al-qasbah, Al-casbah) comes from the Arabic for citadel and is a Moorish fort in Spain. Alcazaba, the band, was founded in 2005 by Ramón Ruiz, a virtuoso guitarist born and raised in the flamenco heartland of Andalusia; Attab Haddad, an innovative oud (Arabic lute) maestro passionate about flamenco as well as the musical traditions of his homeland; and Teymour Housego, a world-class flautist who grew up in New Delhi learning the bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) at the feet of his guru. It was a chance meeting in London that brought them together. Given the historical influence of Islamic musical traditions across the Middle East, Spain and Northern India, compounded by the fact that the gypsy culture originated in India, it was clear from the start that there was enough common ground to form a group that transcended the barriers of musical tradition. The trio were joined shortly after by renowned percussionist Genevieve Wilkins and the talented flamenco cantaora (singer) Eva Piñero Mesa. Alcazaba was born.

Alcazaba are by no means the only outfit to recognise the compatibility and common root in the musics of Spain, India and the Middle East but unlike say the much more musically promiscuous, Ojos de Brujo, there is no electronic element. This is virtuoso acoustic music conceived by an ensemble of excellent musicians very much on their own unique journey.


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Alcazaba on stage at 8.30
25-27 Heddon St, (just off Regent Street)
Tuesday 30th June
Please get in touch if you would like an invitation

For more info/Momo invite please contact Gerry Lyseight:
020 7095 8146 /

Alcaba is distributed in the UK through ShivaNova/ Universal