Mambo Ska by Ska Cubano

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When a music critic, in a review of our previous efforts, used phrases like “relentlessly upbeat….feelgood party music. …Satanic temptations….(you’re going) straight to hell”, we paused for a second. Is dancing your socks off worth the flirting with eternal damnation? Should we risk another album? YES! Abajo, purveyors of doom! Our sworn duty is to the party animals of the world!

So here at last, is our third go at opening neural pathways to your pleasure centres. After nearly 200 gigs in 30 countries and a million website hits, we know what you want from Ska Cubano. Here is more retro fun, more dancefloor fueland more choruses toshout. There are lots of new tunes and lyrics, by the prolific Natty, of course, but also from band members Rey Crespo, Miss Megoo and Eddie ‘Tan Tan’ Thornton. Beny Billy continues occasionally to record with Ska Cubano but on tour sonero Carlos Pena is more usually up front; catch him solo on Rey’s “La Trova.”

All aboard the dopamine express!

Peter Scott