Palm Beats Volume One

Palm Beats Volume One

Palm Beats PALMBEAT 1003-2


Palm Beats, Vol. 1 is the first in a series presenting the choicest cuts from Palm Pictures’ World & Electronic music catalogue. The CD features some of the most popular world music artists today, and was hand culled to introduce listeners to the wealth of talent Palm has signed from around the globe.

1Sly & RobbieCapone’s Theme3:20
2SidestepperLinda Manigua (Quantum Dub Force Mix)Remix – Quantum Dub ForceRemix – Quantum Dub Force6:00
3GigiGud Fella (Restless Soul Inspiration Information Mix)Remix – Restless SoulRemix – Restless Soul6:13
4Baaba MaalFa Laay Fanaan (Ashley Beedle Afrikanz On Marz Remix)Remix – Ashley BeedleRemix – Ashley Beedle8:15
5Da LataGolden (Bugz In The Attic Mix)Remix – Bugz In The AtticRemix – Bugz In The Attic7:05
71 Giant LeapBraided Hair (Rae & Christian Mix)Featuring – Neneh CherrySpeechRemix – Rae & ChristianFeaturing – Neneh CherrySpeechRemix – Rae & Christian4:26
8Da LataAlice (No Pais Da Malandragem)3:53
10Jolly MukherjeeBhatyali (Underwolves Remix)Featuring – The Madras Cinematic OrchestraRemix – The UnderwolvesFeaturing – The Madras Cinematic OrchestraRemix – The Underwolves6:49
111 Giant LeapThe Way You Dream (Cinematic Orchestra Remix)Featuring – Asha BhosleMichael StipeRemix – The Cinematic Orchestra

The CD features well-known Palm artists from around the globe. Gigi and Baaba Maal bring the sounds of Africa, while Sidestepper and The Nortec Collective represent Colombia and Mexico, respectively. Da Lata adds a Brazilian flavor, and Sly and Robbie offer dubbed-out Jamaican rhythms. After assembling all these international talents, Palm Beats, Vol. 1 takes them to the next level – putting some of the world’s premier producers to work remixing each song. The result is a fresh marriage of contemporary sounds with traditional influences.

Volume 1 starts up with a Sly & Robbie’s “Capone’s Theme” from the soundtrack to Palm Pictures’ film Third World Cop- instantly transporting you into a high-speed chase through Jamaica’s back alleyways. The second song sees Sidestepper’s lyrical, bittersweet “Linda Manigua” given the once-over by Quantum Dub Force before the CD slides into a Phil Asher remix of Ethiopian songstress Gigi’s “Gud Fella.” Senagalese master Baaba Maal gets the Ashley Beedle treatment on “Fa Laay Fanaan,” transforming a classic African chant into a bouncy, flowing electronic toe-tapper. Nortec Collective rocks the party with a guiro, lending an infectious seesawing scrape to “Polaris.” The further you travel through Palm Beats, Vol. 1 the more the global sounds leap out, climaxing with a sitar-inflected atmospheric journey from Jolly Mukherjee and the Madras Cinematic Orchestra. Throw in two tracks of unconventional samba/bossa-jazz from Da Lata and you’ve got an inspired international gem.